2018 Call for entries


You can choose the platform you use to enter your animation. Once it is uploaded, please provide us with a direct downloadable link to your submission file.

The deadline for regular submission is May 1, 2018. Late deadline is June 1, 2018 and Extended  drop-dead deadline is June 30th, 2018.

Your file must be named the same as the “Film Title” and the appropriate extension.

If your short animation is not named properly, it will not be considered for the Conscious Cartoons International Animation Festival, no exceptions.

Format of Submission:
– Video format: QuickTime .mov or.mp4
– Compression: H264
– Resolution: 1920×1080 (1080p)
– The original aspect ratio of the video format can be standard (4:3) or widescreen (16:9)


Accepted submissions will display strong animation technique and design and feature compelling stories with appeal to kids and/or adults. Since storytelling is essential, no completely abstract films will be accepted.

However, films may have a non-linear story arc and be humorous, dark, playful, or poignant. They may reflect innocence or ennui. They may speak to the triumph of the human spirit or to our worst impulses and vilest deeds.

All is fair as long as your story fits in with our thematic flavor: “Social issues (personal, local, national, global or historical in scope) and the pain and joy of being Human. The aim of this festival is to open eyes, hearts, and minds, through the uniquely transcendent medium of animation”.


You may choose a theme/topic not on this list if it still fits the festival’s overarching theme. Please explain your topic(s) or theme(s) as part of your submission.
List of Themes/Topics: (in no particular order)
Peace and war, justice, racism, hunger, poverty, homelessness, immigrant rights, climate change, pollution, sustainability, education for all, policing, gun control, classism, gender issues, torture, women’s issues, abuse, child trafficking, 1%, the Citizen’s United ruling, big pharma, equality for all, refugees, immigration, children’s rights, alternative energy, water rights, Black Lives Matter, LGBTQ rights, native rights, corporate prisons, corporate welfare, seed sharing, GMOs, small farms vs. mega farms, free and fair elections, religious freedom, nuclear waste, nuclear arms proliferation/control, consumerism, animal rights, animal testing, extinction, healing/health, death, loss, bullying, jealousy, anger, genocide, the “rat race”, mysticsim, modern society, happiness, kids issues, ennui, violence, social emotional learning, calming down, sharing, gratitude, giving, mental illness, divorce, adoption, hegemony, etc.